Loss collection configuration

Feature(s) impacted

Collection configuration

Observed behavior

After updating the version of Forest Admin (upgrade to V9) and deploying the new code, I lost the configuration of my models. Then, following a rollback, I lost the configuration of my collections.


  • Project name: Weasyn Backoffice
  • Team name: Weasyn / Tymate
  • Environment name: production
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: 8.3.0


I just checked the apimap that was sent to our server for your new Development environment in version 9.3.10 and there was nothing in the data section, which means that the datasource did not contain any models defined for this environment.

In that case, indeed any configuration that you have made to your models is removed along with the models.

Can you please check that your dev datasource contains tables and that sequelize models are present in the models directory of your agent ?



Thank you for your answer.

As I have rolled back in production, is it possible to restore the configuration of the collections as before? I will check the model sequilize and retest in development.


Hello again,

Unfortunately this is not something that we can do.
You will have to restore your configuration manually and make sure to thoroughly test your upgrade in a dev environment before upgrading your production environment.