Lost a collection in prod and staging


Today one of our collection has disapeared, it is unclear how but we are searching. We can add it again to the prod and staging env but we lost all our front configuration (table view, sumary view, related data have been reset to default value).

Do we have a mean to get back our modifications because it seems we have lost weeks of work on this collection ?

For more info, this collection is a duplicate of another existing table in our DB, we needed two collections for the same table in order to interact and display data differently on the same data.

Hello @mduhez,

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Feature(s) impacted

The display of a collection (Table view and summary view) as well as related data accross all our app

Observed behavior

The colection “Intégrations” as disapeared, when I add it, we lost all custom change on it (TV and SV, related data have benn reseted. For all the other collections, field in TV lost their custom name and all have been displayed even though we hide some of them. All the related data accross the app have been reset (name and display)

Expected behavior

This morning (23 of february) all was fine and we need all our layout to be restored.

Failure Logs

no log sho an error related to this issue


  • Project name: SERGIC
  • Team name: all (manager for example)
  • Environment name: all (production is the most crucial)
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: push to the environnment “recette” this morning long before the issue has been raised (push at 9AM and our teams have been working fine until 12h20 PM)

Hello @mduhez,

What I can see from the logs of your production environment is that:

  • at 12h05, a new schema has been pushed without the collection integrations. I suppose that it was a problem on your side because we received a file that did not have this collection. Thus it has been removed from your layout configuration
  • at 13h55 a new schema has been pushed with the colleciton integration being back

This is why you lost all your configuration.

It appears that we have a backup of your layout configuration, made this night. Can we revert the layout from tonight? You will lose any modification made in the meantime.

I suggest you to investigate why the collection disappeared, because this is might reappear in the future if the root cause is not tackled.

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Yes please, you can revert the layout of the environnments when you are ready. Our teams have been warned to not touch anything until it is done.

As for the cause, I think it has been found during the time. We are working on another project (biben) and I think thera was a problem with the first deployment of this project. I think it has been solved for the next time but we will monitor this

Hi @mduhez ,

We just restored the backup. it should be back to normal now.
can you confirm ?


I confirm, the layout has been restored.

Thank you for your actions