HowTo fix Smart Actions disappeared from drop down

Quick Summary: we have been hit by a visualization bug on Jul 2nd 2020 affecting a small portion of our users who use Smart Actions, where the actions have visually disappeared from the drop down menus. The fix is deployed and working, but if you are still experiencing this problem you can follow the instructions below and force an immediate refresh of your cache.

On Jul 2nd we have been impacted by a visualization bug affecting Smart Actions. The issue has been resolved promptly and all the services are now operating correctly.

This is a visualization bug, and as such there is a chance that broken visualizations could still be present in the caches. We have launched a job to refresh all the rendering caches on our end.

However, this is an expensive operation and it will take some time. If you are still waiting for your actions to come back and want to get to the front of the line, here’s the steps to trigger it manually on your end:

  • Open the settings page for a collection (any collection will do)
  • Navigate to the “Sorting field”, “Reference field” or “Display Name”, and change the current value to anything else
  • Save the changes (<-- this forces the cache refresh of the renderings on our end)
  • Go back to the setting you changed and rollback the changes to whatever value you had before
  • Save the changes

All of your smart actions should be back to normal within a short amount of time (between a few seconds and a few minutes - up to 5). If they still don’t show up make sure you force update the browser cache (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+R).

We will be delivering a post-mortem in the upcoming days to communicate what happened.

Please feel free to open a new topic if these instructions don’t work for you!


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Just to confirm: all projects have successfully been refreshed and the incident is fully resolved - thanks for staying with us!