Set smart action disappear with no reason

Sometimes, when I update my code in dev mode, I don’t know why but smart actions for certain collections disappear in the interface. So I’ve got to set them as visible again and again. When you have 10 smart actions or more in 2 ou 3 different collections, it’s so annoying. :upside_down_face:

I saw sometimes I’ve got segments that disappear too. Same thing, have to set to visible again.

Is there a way to set all as visible (smart actions and segments) by default when code is updated ?

Hi @XavierColombel !
We don’t support this option yet, I’m pushing your request to our product team !

Hi @XavierColombel,

I think we need to dig into the “why” some smart actions sometimes disappear, and fix this.
There should not use cases where a smart actions disappear from your schema unless you explicitly comment it out or remove it.

Your help could be really helpful.

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