Layout is not saving correctly

Feature(s) impacted

customise columns for segments independently

Observed behavior

I have two segments (tutors and contacts) of same collection (users),
I checked the option Independent columns configuration for each segments.
when I hid some columns on tutor and I refresh the page, the columns appear again!

Expected behavior

the hidden columns should be saved even when refresh.

Failure Logs

no logs.


  • Project name: clevermate dashboard
  • Environment name: clevermate test

Hey @Adel_de_Clevermate,

I’ve just tried on my end and I’m currently unable to reproduce this issue.
I’ve also checked your project configuration, and I can’t spot anything obvious.

Could you try again on a specific column and shared the column name here so I can check what is going on on my end?

Thank in advance :pray:

Hi @jeffladiray , thanks for your response.

I tried with the column image : want to hide it on Contacts segment, keep it on Tutors segment
(just to test with this column cuz lot of other columns to customise)
could you check this please?

Hi @Adel_de_Clevermate ,

I am indeed able to reproduce.
We will tackle this issue and I will get back to you when it is fixed.

Best regards,


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Hi @shohanr ,
Thank you for your response I look forward to get this solved.
for infos: the field image is a smart field, but also same issue with normal fields.