Merci + MongoDB Cache?

Dear FA team,

Let me start by saying, that I am a big fan of the new nodejs-agent!

The new ways of (1) hooks, (2) replication strategies, and (3) magically transforming nested objects in the data model to new collections, really turn your tool into a Swiss army knife for back office operations. Our startup, Jurata, is a legal marketplace, that combines many 3rd-party tools (Stripe, Bexio, HubSpot, MongoDB, etc.) in order to have our operators manage long user journeys, as well as deploy rather complicated reporting. Being able to deal with all of this in a concentrated Typescript codebase (sorry, DHH) and minimal configuration effort makes the life of our small tech team considerably better. But it’s more than DX: now we might soon be able to offer quick and stable answers to the exacerbated feature requests of our operations team without needing to enter the dark realm of enterprise software.

Thank you for your excellent work - we are witnessing a powerful product vision being deployed here. I have and probably still will make multiple bug reports and feature requests in order to push and migrate your new library to our production environment. Please, take it as a compliment and forgive my sense of urgency.

So, here we go: I saw that the cacheInto feature for the replication strategy supports an SQL database according to the documentation. Are there any plans of supporting Mongoose as a caching database? If yes, do you have any idea about a rough non-committing timeline? I need to decide, whether to build additional infra for our separate SQL DB on our cloud environment - which would not be necessary if I can just use mongoose.


@jeffladiray @GuillaumeGautreau @Alban_Bertolini


First of all, thanks a lot for this amazing feedback :heart_eyes:
Be sure it has been shared across the Forest Admin team and it spread love and motivation.
Thank you for taking the time to also write what you do appreciate and what do work - it helps us so much keeping pushing hard on what we are doing at Forest Admin.

That being said, let’s talk about your feature request: mongoDB cache!
This is a very good idea and we’ll probably do it at some point.
However, to be very honest, we are not working on it right now and there are no plans to work on it in the short term.

I’m pushing your suggestion to our Product requests list though, so the Product Team can consider it, and we’ll let you know once there will be news about it.




Thanks for the feedback! Okay, I understand, then I will assume it will not come any time soon and find a solution with the existing SQL cache. :+1:

Cheers :slight_smile: