Migrating forest-express-sequelize to nodev2 no option to run in parallel

Feature(s) impacted

Migrating Agent

Observed behavior

In your guide I can’t seem to find the option to do the advanced migration to run both agents in parallel. Should I be looking in a different spot attached a screenshot of how it looks if I try to create a new environment

Expected behavior

To see an option to run in parallel

Failure Logs


  • Project name: …
  • Team name: Ourboro
  • Environment name: …
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: forest-express-sequelize 9.2.10
  • Database type: postgress
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: …

Hey @Zero :wave:

No specific need to mark this environment as “run in parallel”.

You only need to create this new environment, get the environment variables, and copy/paste them on a brand new agent-nodejs project.

The easiest way to setup this is:

  • Create a brand new microservice project
  • Onboard it fully (To the point where your new agent is up and running)
  • Switch back to your previous project, and setup a new remote environment
  • Copy/Paste the environment variables in your freshly created microservice
  • And … you should be all set!

Doing so should allow you to onboard an agent-nodejs environment on an existing project.

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