MongoError: value too large to reduce


I wanted to try out forest admin on our mongodb database, however I get the following error during setup via docker:
MongoError: value too large to reduce

Do you have any tips for me ?


Hi @Itokoyamato,
Welcome to the Forest Admin community!

Could you share with us some details about your configuration (MongoDB version, lumber version, OS version,…) and some stats (number of collections, number of documents,…)?

Do you have documents with very complex/deep schema?

Thanks for your help.

We’re on MongoDB 4.2, latest lumbar via docker (tho npm does the same), our MongoDB runs on an Ubuntu 16.04.

We do have one or two heavy collections, one with heavy documents, and another with some nesting yes. (I don’t think it’d be more than 4 levels deep)

Stats wise:
50 collections
434854 documents

Would there be a way to tell forest to ignore certain collections ? To see if that would help

Hi @Itokoyamato,

Could you please share with me a complete log of the executed command?

that way we might be able to spot the errored collection and dig this up.