Need urgent help as we are launching next week - sequelizeConnectionError and Error Unprocessable Entity

Hi guys,

We are about to launch and developers have not got any experience with Forest Admin and are stuck when they encountered the error shown in the image. They explained that we have to upgrade to the Pro version and it will resolve it. I dont think this is the case. Do you know how to resolve this issue? We are using PHP/Laravel and about to migrate on AWS

Hi @taxicloud,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to this community! :raised_hands:

A few simple questions to try to help you out asap:

  • Do you guys already have a project on ForestAdmin? Can you confirm the name of it?
  • The operation you are trying to do here is to deploy your backoffice to a remote environment (production)?

Let me know!

Hi Adriguy,

Thanks for reaching out.
We dont have a project on Forest Admin currently if I understood your question correctly. The software is on a testing environment & I think they tested on their local servers and not on AWS where it will be migrated

Thanks mate!


Judging from your answer, I think you guys do have a project on Forest Admin, it’s just not deployed yet (it runs only on local servers).
I think what you’re looking for is deploying to production, and this documentation should give you all you need to know about it.
(You can’t deploy to production using lumber generate as I see on your screenshot)

Let me know if something’s still unclear or if I misunderstood your situation.

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Thanks the prompt response. I will pass on your comments to the development team and will see if they can get it up and working. Thanks


Hey @taxicloud,

Is your issue fixed ?

Hi Vince,

We are are in the process of deploying the application in AWS, once we move to production environment, we will have a better picture if we are still encountering issues. But thanks for following up!