New actions not appearing on collection

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Expected behavior

Actions list to be updated after adding new smart action to collection

Actual behavior

No update taking place

Failure Logs

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Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Package Version:
  • Express Version: 4.17.1
  • Sequelize Version: 6.0.3
  • Database Dialect: Postgres
  • Database Version:
  • Project Name: Apollo.1

Hello @Andrew

Thank your for your message,

Just to start with the usual, did you?:

  • properly restart your project after adding the action
  • refreshed your admin in your browser
  • see anything in the console logs on the server running your project

To help me investigate, could you please tell me the name of the action, the model/collection it acts upon, and the environment name (production…) on which your are working?

Hi Guillaume,

Have run through the usual steps (restarted server, cleared cache, refreshed, logged back in etc.)

Environment is development, have tried on many models/collections - one example is on Contracts with action Change Break Clause. It doesn’t appear in the actions list. Have tried renaming existing actions and they also don’t update (Forest Admin says there has been update and to refresh, but there is no change).

I can delete actions and they will no longer appear, however if I add them back they don’t appear again.

No console errors that I can see in server or browser.

Please ignore me! Just noticed that smart actions are now invisible by default (it’s been a while since we’ve updated them:)

Apologies for the time waste. Have a great weekend.

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