Option to configure how collection table view renders by default

What is the feature?

When our users visit the page to see the data for a collection that has a lot of records (and with the potential to just keep on growing with time) the page rendering takes quite a long time and in 99.9% of the scenarios those users’s first action is to use the filters to find some specific data (e.g. filtering by an ID, or email, etc).

I’m requesting the feature as a configurable option as this behaviour might not need to be apply across all the collections/segments.

If you have any alternative ways to achieve the same, any advice would be welcome.

What problem does this solve for you?

Putting unnecessary strain on the database

Who else would be using this feature?

We have a lot of different teams all accessing different collection views at the same time, some of those page renders are slow, and the combination of all of those accesses is resulting in some of them getting timeouts. Having the table not be rendered by default would prevent unnecessary table queries until the user sets a filter on it.