Order array of files

Feature(s) impacted

File picker widget

Observed behavior

When using the filer picker on an array I can add and remove files but I can’t change the order like I can when I use the text input widget

Expected behavior

I’d like to be able to order files to (use case being multiple images for a product gallery)

Hello @Ben! :wave: Welcome to our community :tada: :confetti_ball:

Thanks for your feedback.
Unfortunately, this is not possible today. I’m sharing your insight to the product team in our Product Board so they can prioritize it.

As a workaround, an idea could be to add a text input widget this the file names you get from the filer picker you’ve already added and use this second list to reorder the first one (using Smart Action dynamic forms hooks for example).
I know that’s not ideal but it might take a few months to prioritize this feature request. :pray:

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Thanks for the reply and suggestion Morgan!

Any chance to create a custom widgets similar to smart actions? Or rather is that something you guys have on your roadmap?
It’s great that it allows to customize basically everything…except that part it seems

Hey @Ben,

I am not sure to understand. Widgets created by customers? :thinking:

Can you share what you have in mind?

We have some widgets-related work on our roadmap for sure but it doesn’t seem prioritized at the time.

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