Ordering data in the "related data" list

Observed behavior

When in a collection I select an item, I can see the related collections in the “related data” section. Choosing one of these collections, the items of this collection (related to the initial item) are shown.

So far, so good.

In this list I can filter, but I can’t order data.

Expected behavior

I’d like to be able to order data in the list by clicking on a column name.

Is this possible? How can I achieve this?

  • Agent type & version: forest-express-sequelize
  "meta": {
    "liana": "forest-express-sequelize",
    "liana_version": "8.5.3",
    "stack": {
      "database_type": "multiple",
      "engine": "nodejs",
      "engine_version": "16.8.0",
      "orm_version": "6.17.0"

The reason because I can’t see the order feature is that I’m using a smart relationship.

Is it possible to have the “order” feature with the smart relationship too?

Thank you,

Hello @Matteo,

Unfortunatly this is not currently possible natively with this version of forest. However I can give you two types of workaround that can help:

  • Directly modify the query that is done to retrieve the records from your smart relationship to include an order by option, you can take a look at the raw query in our documentation
  • Maybe this past thread can also give you a workaround on what you want to achieve

Let me know if it help,