Creating an Ordered List of entries from another Collection

I am starting a ForestAdmin project on a PostgresSQL database.

In that, I am trying to build a utility that can do something like the following:

In this, the List object in ToDo List collections is an ordered list of entries from the Tasks collection.
The List object is a JSON column in database.

What I want to be able to do is to build a utility in which I can search for the tasks from the Tasks collections, and create an ordered list in ToDoList.List

However, when I look at the Fields option in for the ToDo List collection, it only gives an option to edit it as Json editor or Text area.

How can I build the functionality I am looking for?

Hello @devan1gh and welcome to our community forums !

From what I understand in your message, maybe you could try to take a look at Smart Collections ? You can find its documentation here :

Please tell me if it suits your needs! :slightly_smiling_face: