Other icons for model?

Hi Forest Admin team,

I was wondering if it was possible to add new icons for the models?

I thought you were using FontAwesome, but I could not find anything on the lumber repo on Github.

Is there a way to add new icons myself?

Thanks for your help

Hello @LotusBlack !
When you say models, do you mean your collections ? We currently use a static list of icons, once I’m sure you are talking about your collections I will add your request to our product board :slight_smile:

Hey @LotusBlack :wave:t3:

You can use emojis if our list of icons happens to be missing something specific. Simply add the emoji to the display name of the - Collections / Segments / Fields.


Hope this helps :art:

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Hi @Nicolas_Sailly, yes exactly.
It is very ‘company oriented’ (compare to what you can see in FontAwsome).

Thanks @ziad, I did not think about that.

Sadly, the default icon is still in place with this solution for Collections:


Hi @LotusBlack, you can do the following -

  1. In the collection settings - type a space character in the icon field

  2. Add the emoji in the Display name
    Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 10.45.50

NB: As you can see in screenshot 2, this is only elegant if you apply it to all of your collections, to get a homogeneous display.

Hi @ziad, did not think about the space! Nice workaround.

Thank you