Information "i" Icon Pop Up for Descriptions

What is the feature?

Please explain your feature request in detail here. Any screenshot or other visual support are also appreciated
We would like to have the option to choose either “i” icons to be added next to field titles instead of an area beneath the title for “description” or the existing description text. When the user clicks on the “i” then a popup will appear with the description or any other information.

What problem does this solve for you?

Some of the descriptions we have are quite long and if we have a description for each field then the page is FULL of text and its not a very good UX.

Please explain how it would help in your case.
Having the “i” icons instead of description fields would clean up the pages for a much better UX.

Who else would be using this feature?

All end users for FA.

Please explain the role of the person or group of people who would be using this feature and how frequently they would be using it.
Primarily our sales engineers would use this and it would be used daily since it would clean up screens they see daily while still offering required descriptions.

Hi Vazongo and thank you for your interest in Forest Admin,

We are currently working on a new feature which aims to provide you with more UI flexibility. What you’re describing will not be available in the very first iterations, but it is already planned.

When it comes out you won’t miss it, and feel free to loop back here at that time.