Can we change the new Forest font?


Is it possible to change the new Forest font ? On the previous one it was very clear to make the difference between bold and non-bold text. Now it isn’t and it makes things less clear for our customer service.


Hey @Guillaume_Laganier,

I’m sorry to hear that. No there is no way to update it but I’ll get your feedback to my team :wink:

Hello Vince,

It could be a little detail for you, but this is bad news. Please look at the screen shot attached : Underlined in red is supposed to be bold … That’s not comfortable at all for people working 7 hours per day on your tool.

It’s a kind of regression, so yes, I hope my feedback will be helpful.


Hey @Guillaume_Laganier,

Is this a widget ?

Hello Vincent,

Yes, here are the display details of my previous screenshot :


Did you find a solution with @Steve_Bunlon ?

Hey @vince

We identified some solutions with @Guillaume_Laganier.

They have implemented a smart field which render some HTML. Forest Admin simply interprets this HTML to display it in the summary view.

A simple workaround would be to change the HTML of this smart field (by changing the colors or make it more bold with <strong></strong> )

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