Per-record permissions question

Does Forest Admin supports per-record permissions for users ?
Let say we have a collection of records, few regular and few admin Forest Admin users. The expected behaviour would be that those regular Forest Admin users can see and manage data for most of records but they can’t edit nor even see the data for few selected records. Only admin users could see or edit those records.
I’ve seen and linked doc but it’s pretty vague

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Hi @piotr and welcome to the developers community :raised_hands:t3: :rainbow:

For the moment, the CRUD permissions are applied to an entire collection and not at the record level. However, you can still achieve this specific part :point_down:t3:

You can use tags & scopes, check out the docs here.

What is a scope?
A scope is a filter which applies to a collection and all its segments.

It is useful in that it can be used to control what data is available to users. More specifically, scopes can be set up to filter data dynamically on the current user.

Hope this helps!

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