User permissions handling per environment

Hey team,

In case we want to disable deleting option for some collections for only a few users only on one environment is it possible?

It does not need to be only a delete option. We want to allow on development environment all actions allowed, but disable some of them on production for most of the users from our team and allow just to a few of us to have the ability for all actions.

Is the permissions system based only on roles(admin, editor, user) or we have some more flexibility?

We see that it is possible to add some tags per user. Not sure how to use it in the system, do you have some example?

Hello @Bojan_Antonijevic,

For now, the current permission system is related to roles, which are project based.
I’m pushing this to our product board.

I guess the tags feature would not completely suit your needs, since it’s main interest is related to the scope feature, in order to filter records based on a tag’s value.

Hope that helps

Hey @Bojan_Antonijevic,

I made a mistake on my original answer, so here is the actual response:
You should be able to do this using the “teams” feature if you’re running on a business plan or higher.
Delete (And others permissions) are associated to the layout, which is himself linked to a team and an environment.
After setting up your team (In the project settings pages), you should be able to access the associated layout, and removing/giving permissions (From collection settings) will only impact the layout you’re currently working on (thus, the actual team permissions).

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

Hey @jeffladiray,

By collection settings you mean this?

Yes, these are the collection settings :slight_smile: