Percentages disappeared

Feature(s) impacted

Previously in Forest Admin, there was a percentage increase and decrease of some of the elements in the dashboard, but those recently disappeared. Is there a way to put them back on ?

Observed behavior

No percentages available anymore.

Expected behavior

I want to have the percentages back if possible.




  • Project name: Squarehub
  • Team name: Squarehub
  • Environment name: prod
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: /
  • Database type: postgres
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: /

Hi @samrozen ,

I can see some differences between the two screens.
Did you change something on the configuration of the charts?
And they don’t seem to have the same size, did you change something about the resolution?

Best regards,


Hello @shohanr,

Sorry that I was not clear, but my question is about the 10 single value boxes on the top, where you can see that previously there was green (increase) or red (decrease) percentages in the top right corner of each box, which is not appearing anymore…

Yes I did understand what was missing. I am looking for changes that could lead to that.
Did you changed some charts configuration on your end ? Maybe the filters ? Any layout changes ?

Yes, I actually added a Scope on Candidates because I wanted to display only Candidates where deleted_at is blank. So I would like to keep the scope but the percentages only get displayed in the Dashboard when there is no scope applied. How should I manage that issue ?

Thank you for you help !

Hi @samrozen ,

Sorry for the late answer.
Can you check on your network to see if the payload of the charts received contains countCurrent and countPrevious ? It should look like this:

  data:  {
    attributes:  {
      value:  {
        countCurrent: 1,
        countPrevious: 10