Smart and Live query charts do not appear on the dashboard

Forest Admin Incident Update :construction_worker_man:‍♂

A problem has recently occurred that has an impact on the display of smart and live query charts in the dashboard.

Our team is currently looking into this. We’ll provide an ETA for a fix asap!

Thank you for your patience


Hi Louis,

Thank you for this info.
We were afraid, because our dashboard is completely empty now…

Waiting for your feedback.


All the charts that where missing (Smart and Live Query charts) have been restored.
The incident is now closed.

Hi @arnaud,

Dashboard KPIs are appearing again. BUT all filter conditions have disappear from our various dashboard KPIs. Can you please recover this so we do not loose a day to setup our Dashboards again?


Hi @Karim_Buiahi,

Apologies for this new incident.
This is due to a second issue introduced 2 hours ago.

It should be back to normal right now.
Let me know if it is not the case.

Thanks for your patience.

Thank, @arnaud, seems to work now.