Permissions update not display


I just upgraded to premium.

When I open a role, the only thing I can change is the name.

Did I miss something?

Hello @Robin_Herzog,

Do you have access to both links in this screen capture?

The first one can be used to edit the role’s name, and the second one to change permissions.

Currently, I see this:

Hello @Robin_Herzog,

If you click on the roles tab you should exit this edition view.

Then this list of roles will appear

Click on one role and you should have access to the details about this role, with the 2 links I mentioned.

Hi @Robin_Herzog

It seems that your project is on the previous version of the Roles.

I’ve just marked your project as ready to migrate on the new version :rocket:
You should now see a banner in the Project Settings > Roles.

Don’t hesitate to check on the migration documentation if needed.