Pivot table update doesn't work

Feature(s) impacted

  • relation tables
  • updated entity

Observed behavior

i have a table called giveawayTasks which is a pivot table between giveaways, and tasks tables
this table has giveaway_id, and task_id to connect the other ends, also it has another column which is called order, which allows you to change the order of tasks in a giveaway
when I try to update the order field, it says that the operation was successful, but it doesn’t save it in the database, it also shows on the collection that it is stored, but with one refresh the changes will be gone.

update message:

update log:

after refresh:

Expected behavior

update the value of the field

Failure Logs


  • Project name: Merit circle
  • Team name: operations
  • Environment name: all

Hi @Reza_Erami,

Could you please share the payload that is sent to your backend when saving :pray: ?
I will also need you agent type and version please (forest-express-sequelize@7.1.3, forest-rails@3.2.0, etc…)

this is what I get in browser network console

as you see in the attributes is empty, even I changed the value of the field

also on the server console it’s empty

Is Order a simple number field ? It’s not a relationship right ?
Could you share a video where you edit that field and show the payload sent :pray: ? And also check if there is any error in your web console :pray:

yep sure
here it is

and just to let you know, it’s not read-only field

another issue that i see is it’s not showing order field at all
as you see in the database I have these values

but in forest admin it’s empty

and the query on the console doesn’t contain order field

Hi @Reza_Erami ,

I do not see the order in your schema, can you double-check ?
If it is missing, you can redo the schema with forest schema:update. If it does not update correctly, try forest schema:update -o tmp which gonna create you a second folder with the schema recreated, you will be able to move the schema from giveawayTasks.

it’s already in the schema, otherwise, it wouldn’t show it on the collection
besides, I regenerated this model multiple times, it didn’t help


  1. Can you confirm me the exact project name ?
    I can see many Merit circle, with different terminology, in kebab-case, with an uppercase, without, etc.
  2. Do you have a specific environment that has the problem and that I can take look at.
  3. In some project, you have giveaway_tasks and giveawayTasks. Which one is the collection that you use and that have the problem ?
  4. Can you send me the model file (in the folder models) of the specific collection ? You can send me privately if you don’t want to send it publicly.

Best regards,


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