Please help to change our production Environment type to "remote"

I am trying to delete my “production” environment and according to Environment partially deleted?, I cannot delete the environment unless it’s type is changed to “remote”.

Expected behavior

Be able to change ENV type to “remote”.

Actual behavior

I cannot find the setting to set the Environment type both in and forest-cli.


  • ENV ID: 60481

Hi @rogaps,
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production environments cannot be deleted for security reasons.

Why don’t you want to keep your production environment alive?

Thanks for your response

Hi @arnaud,
Thanks for your response.

I lost my FOREST_AUTH_SECRET and I don’t know how to recover it. My application cannot connect to Forest Admin UI in environment production without FOREST_AUTH_SECRET. I want to recreate the production environment.


The FOREST_AUTH_SECRET is a key generated by yourself to sign the session tokens of your admin users. See more about that here:

You can choose an value you want for this environment variable.
So no need to re-create a production environment for that matter.

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