Problem changing color in custom enum properties

Feature(s) impacted

Changing custom color for enum fields

Observed behavior

When I click on the color nothing append

Expected behavior

It should open a color picker or something to chose a color

Failure Logs

TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘syscall’)


Please provide in this mandatory section, the relevant information about your configuration:

  • Project name: Click&Care
  • Team name: Click&Care
  • Environment name: Preprod
  • Agent type & version: Chrome Version 96.0.4664.55
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: none

Hey @Quentin_Somerville :wave:

Totally able to reproduce on my end. A ticket was created; but sure we’ll update the thread once fixed.

Thanks for the report :pray:

Hey @Quentin_Somerville :wave:

Terribly sorry for the inconvenience. A fix has just been released today.
Could you check that everything is working fine on your side now? :pray:

Hey @jeffladiray @Romain_Coudour
Thank’s for the quick fix.
It works now !
There is still a little issue. When I update the color with the color picker, the square go to white and only the “SAMPLE” is updated (like in the screenshot). It’s minor because the feature is functional but maybe you’d like to fix it :slight_smile:

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@Quentin_Somerville, the issue has been spotted as well and a second ticket has been open.
Again, be sure you’ll be pinged once fixed.

Thanks for the report :pray:

Hello @Quentin_Somerville :wave:

Thank you again for the report. A fix has been released a couple of minutes ago.
See you around in the community :rocket: :pray: