Layout updates issues

Hi everyone,

We’re trying to change the color of the badge in collection settings and the admin returns an error.

Screenshot from 2020-09-04 11-16-37 Screenshot from 2020-09-04 11-18-47

The server error message is:

{"errors":[{"status":422,"detail":"Invalid patch value (path: \"/collections/18744420-8877-11ea-87c2-fb8b759786aa/layout/fields/TradesReceivedCheck/widgetEdit\", op: \"replace\", value: {\"name\":\"dropdown\",\"parameters\":{}}): ValidationError: child \"parameters\" fails because [child \"isSearchable\" fails because [\"isSearchable\" is required]]","meta":{}}]}

Could you please advise?



Hi @Dmytro :wave: thank you to your feedback.
Which field are you trying to update ? coinbaseTrades... or TradesReceivedCheck.
Can you provide me the name of your project and the environment on this issue occurred please?

Hi, @Arnaud_Moncel,

Thank you for your reply.
Field: coinbaseTradesReceivedCheck
project: zigguratintl
environment: dev1.

Can you provide me a screenshot of the network tab of your browser on the call on /api/layout please?
If you can provide a little video record to see exactly what you are doing?


I provided the screenshots in the original message. Using the layout editor --> select field coinbase trades received check --> DISPLAY SETTINGS --> I try to change the color of the badge and it fails with the error I provided in the original message.

I wanted to see the payload was send from the frontend to our backend.


Well, now there is no error. Seems to work. Thank you! Will let you know if it occurs again!


Don’t hesitate if you have any issue with the widget :wink: