Project Creation Failed

Expected behavior

A project is created from

Actual behavior

I receive a toast stating “Project creation failed: Cannot create the project”. When I run the Chrome developer toolbar I can see a 422 response coming back.

Failure Logs

POST 422 (Unprocessable Entity)
{“errors”:[{“status”:422,“detail”:“Cannot create the project”,“meta”:{}}]}


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Project Name: avarnon Test

Hi @avarnon,

Welcome to the Forest Admin community!

I am afraid I cannot reproduce this issue.
I personally tried with a random project name and with “avarnon Test” and it creates a project as expected.

The technical error message is not really explicit, but it looks like it is due to an unexpected error.

Does it generate a 422 whatever the project name you submit?

arnaud, thank you for your response. It does create a 422 no matter the project name. I also tried with Firefox with but see the same issue.

Some additional information: I created a new email address then created a new Forest Admin account. It seems there is an issue with my account @ Forest Admin.

I am not sure to understand your last message.
Did you eventually manage to create a project with your new Forest Admin account?

arnaud, I was able to create the project with a new account but this isn’t what I ultimately want. I want to create the project with my original account. I was just confirming that there is an issue with my account and not with the project name.

Ok, I’ll dig into your first account to see if there is something unusual.

Ok, I think I found the issue.

It looks like you created a project (“My Pelotonia”), as the first developer, with your account and have then been removed of this project.

A constraint in our database refuse another project creation in this scenario.
Let us find a proper way to fix this and go back to you.

As a workaround, you can create your project with your new account and invite the old one to join it.

Thanks for your patience.

arnaud, thank you for the information. I’m looking forward to seeing if my account can be fixed and will use the workaround if not.

Hi @avarnon
The fix should be live in 30 minutes.

Let us know

@arnaud, thank you! I can create a project again.

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