Can't create new project with new account

Hi ! I have just created a new forest admin account and I can no longer create a new project, it says that I cannot create a project with this name even though the name is available. :cry:

I’m using mongoDB database with npm setup.

Hello @rogertuning,

Welcome to the ForestAdmin community, and thank you for reporting this.

I indeed see a deleted project named forest-admin-test-2 in our database.
To have it short, we keep deleted projects in database for internal purpose. Their seems to be a an issue with the project creation workflow in that is ignores those deleted projects when checking the input name.

I’ll fill a bug for our dev team.

In your specific case, may I suggest you use another project name as this one is pretty generic?

Thank you for your understanding.

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Noted ! Thanks for your answer @Guillaume_Deslandes !