Can't create new project // 401

Hello, I just signed up and I wanted to try your panel for the first time but when it asks me how to name my project, I put a name in the field and it loads forever, I tried from different browsers, different locations, different computers, different hours, different accounts, incognito mode

Expected behavior

Create new project

Actual behavior

Screenshot 2021-03-11 at 08.53.54

Failure Logs

{“operationName”:“checkProjectExistence”,“variables”:{“projectName”:"testing "},“query”:“query checkProjectExistence($projectName: String!) {\n checkProjectExistence(projectName: $projectName)\n}\n”}
401 Unauthorized


macos 10.15.7, chrome 89 and safari
macos 11.0.2, chrome 88 and safari

Hello @Nocte,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We encountered this issue when the browser rejects third-party cookies. Can you check if you can create a project by activating third-party cookies in your browser?

It’s is currently an issue on which we are working, but it takes some time to fix because it’s deeply linked to the authentication, we need to be sure that we do it right.

By enabling third party cookies it works.

If it’s taking time to fix that issue it might be a good idea to put at least a small notice like “This site requires third party cookies to be enabled” for now
as more time passes more developers will have a version of chrome or other browsers that block 3rd party cookies

Thank you!