RDS tunneling Issue

Project name : asdfasdffadf

I suceeded connecting to AWS RDS postgres DB(dev). Since it has no security.
But with my AWS RDS postgres DB(production).
I’m failing with connection.

MY DB has bastion server.
so when I use datagrip, i can access to DB with using SSH tunneling.

I couldn’t find out connect forest admin with ssh tunneling.
Can I get help?

Hi @bdkfasd

Are you using advanced setup (you host the agent), or instant setup (we host your agent)?

If using Advanced setup, you can either

  • Host your stand-alone agent in a VPC which has access to your RDS instance (like your main application)
  • Set up ssh tunneling on your end

If using instant setup, you will need to wait (not for long).
Adding support for SSH tunnels in the onboarding is currently being worked on, and should be released in at most a couple of weeks

Thanks @anon39940173
I succed to setup upbuntu in EC2
and install forest and run npm start:watch

I’ve set domain and run

and it returns

  • “error”: null,
  • “message”: “Agent is running”


what can i do for next step?
I want to see forest UI

Most customers deploy their development agent on their local machine, as it is more convenient to edit the code, and then once everything is working locally, use CI/CD to deploy on a remote server.

In any case, if you followed the project creation wizard on the website you should be good to go.

What do you get when you log in the forestadmin website and go to your project?