Forest Admin IP Addresses to Whitelist

Feature(s) impacted

I’m new and trying to add my first datasource which is a sql server daabase that has a firewall in front of it. Because it’s a production server, we do not want to open up the ports for all IP Addresses.

Observed behavior

I do not know the IP Addresses of Forest Admin to Whitelist so we can let them through.

Expected behavior

Failure Logs


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Hi @hsheldon :wave:,
During the onboarding, did you click on the “instant setup” (cloud hosted) or the advanced one (agent hosted by you)?

Instant Setup. Cloud hosted. I have an ip address to connect to. Just need to know what IP Addresses I should whitelist for it to go through.

Hey @hsheldon,

We currently don’t support database IP whitelist in a cloud context. The IP that will connect to your database is dynamic at the moment.

I would suggest to switch to self-hosted/Advanced setup for now if the database IP-whitelist is a strong requirement on your end.

However, this topic is planned on our roadmap, so be sure we will update this thread once this feature is available for cloud-based architecture.

If we went to Self-hosted, do you have an EXE installation for Windows? We run Windows based servers.

All of our self hosted integrations should be compatible out of the box with windows servers. Our agent either are attached to an existing app, or can run as a standalone process using our microservice/nodejs architecture.

Let me know if that helps.