Referenced field as a badge(possibly without hyperlink)

My database design includes a table with a bunch of record status that is referenced by nearly all the other tables. This is a meditated design decision. So Active, inactive, draft, beta, mark as deleted, etc

Is there any way I can show the referenced field as a badge in the other tables? Even if that means losing the hyperlink to the status table record. It’s not useful anyway to have a link to the status record from other tables.

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Hi :wave: @jonl welcome to our community, As I understand it, you just can go to the status table settings and under the general panel choose what you want inside reference field.

Let me know if it help.

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Hi there!
I wanted to introduce myself somewhere but I didn’t see a specific category for that :slight_smile:

The reference field part is clear :slight_smile:

What I actually want to achieve is that it shows as a badge in the referenced table(sorry I mentioned label). Fixing the typo in the OP.

It seems you can’t control(from the UI) the display widget of referenced fields in the referenced table.

Unfortunately it’s not possible today, I add an entry in our product board.

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