Related data accessible actions : create & dissociate

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In some collections accessible via related data, in the table view, I want to prevent users to access the “Dissociate the relationship” action.

But at the same time, I want them to be able to access the + button to create a new record

If I put the related field to Read-only, I indeed remove access to the dissociate the relationship action, but as well as the create new record option, which I want to keep accessible.

You can add a role to your users and remove “delete” and “update” permissions to prevent the “dissociate” and the “delete” actions.

Hi @Alban_Bertolini

I would like my users to continue to be able to edit a record, but at the same time I don’t want any orphan record, hence I don’t want to allow access to the dissociate action.

In your model, the relation is required ? Because if the relation is required, when the user will click on dissociate the request will fail.

I’m not in charge of the DB, have no admin access on it and the issue is users have been able to dissociate relationships.

I just want to hide the dissociate action, and users should be able to edit their records.

I’m fully aware there’s no easy way to do it right now.

I have switch your request to the “Feature suggestions” category because actually it not possible.
Thanks you for the report.