Create button shouldn't visible in related data

In my collection, I didn’t allow users to create records :

However, when I display that collection in related data, it displays the “Create the first one” button.

When I click on it, it displays:

I restricted records creation to a Smart Action only, thus this create button should not be visible.

Hi @JeremyV,

Thanks for reaching out :raised_hand:

This is due to a decision we took when introducing the roles permissions: they are applied on the main collection - but not on related data.
The action you’re trying to achieve is considered as an update of the parent record. Did you try to forbid the update action on the parent collection?

Hello @JeremyV,

Thanks for your message.

It enabled us to realize this inconsistency: it should not be possible to add a record from this embedded related data. This has been fixed.

What’s more, to be sure it is not possible to add one record of this related data, you can set the relationship field of your parent collection as read-only.
This way, no one will be able to create a record from this related data.

Hope this helps!

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