Related Data - Search and filters are saved in the URL


There are 2 cases here:

  1. Sharing links - when sharing a link where a search has some filters applied, the person opening the link will not see the filters; which means that then they need an explanation of “set this filter to that value”, to see what information is being shared
  2. Bookmarks - sometimes people save certain searches they do repetitively, as bookmarks, but they quickly realized that that doesn’t actually save the filters applied either. We considered building more “Segments” in our Forest panel to address this but with everyone having specific searches they do, that would quickly become too cluttered

Perhaps I’m remembering this wrongly, but didn’t this function use to work? I kind of recall I had some bookmarks I’d always open for specific searches in Forest but maybe I’m just remembering it wrongly. Anyway, would be a nice to have ‘feature’. Thank you!

Hello @Petru_Simion :wave:

Bug?: Sharing URLs or bookmarking a page with a search and filters applied should work at this time.
I just tested it out following these simple steps:

  • Go to Data tab, pick a collection, enter a search and applied some filters
  • Copy/Paste the URL and bookmark it as well
  • From another browser/context, use these two above to access the table

So :mag::man_detective: there might be an issue:

  • Trying that use case :point_up: can you tell me if it’s working or not?
    • If working, what is the difference in your ‘method’?
  • I’ll need the following information:
    • Project name
    • Team name
    • Environment name
    • Agent type & version
  • When using a shared URL, do you have a warning notification popping up?

Let’s start with that. I might ask you for an example of shared URL, you can send it to me via private message.

Everything works as it should except… in the Related Data table (Record > Details > Related Data).
This is unfortunately not a bug, it is simply not supported :sob:.
There are multiple ways to work around this limitation :wrench::building_construction:.

Nevertheless, I handed the subject over to our product team for future implementation :clipboard::gear: .