Related data view not working


I have problems with related data visualitzation.
When i click on the link, no related data is shown:

Before click:

After click:

Im sure that there are notes becase if not, the view that is shown is:


Hello @marc,

Can you tell me if you are using: sequelize, mongo?
What are the versions you are using?

Do you see any error traces in your browser dev console?

Let me know :slight_smile:

Yes, the console show this error when i click on “Notes”:


I’m using forest-express-mongoose: “^6.1.4”

Hello @marc,

It looks like a rendering issue, could you tell me what is your project name, I will refresh your rendering :slight_smile:

Hi @Guillaume_Cisco i have the same issue. List is empty.

After i executed schema:apply it seems to be resolved

We identified the issue, and fixed it on our side.
Everything should be back to normal :slight_smile:

Let me know if you still encounter problems on your side.