Remember device for X days after two factor login

We enabled two factor login for an extra layer of security. Now when a customer calls us and we have to login to the CMS we have to login with the two factor every time and this increases the waiting times for the customer. Is it possible to remember the device so the two factor only has to be performed once a day or once a week?

Hi @Ken !
The goal of two FA is to add a layer of security, having a remember me feature would render it mostly useless.

Hi @Nicolas_Sailly
I respectfully disagree with your statement that is would render it mostly useless. The biggest risk is a succesful attempt from a malicious user to login by guessing or ‘finding’ the user’s password. If the device is remembered there is a risk that a malicious user can bypass the 2FA but only if the attempt is done on the same device on which we login. This case is very unlikely.

Most sites that offer 2FA/ MFA have the option to remember the device from which you login for a 30 day period.

Maybe… I’ll push your suggestion to our product team where it’ll be debated :slight_smile:

Hello @Ken,

For the moment, we did not implement this feature. But in theory, you should be able to stay connected as long as you use Forest Admin at least once every 8 days.

If users are disconnected whereas they use Forest Admin more frequently, then it can indicate that there is a scenario that we do not handle correctly.

We released yesterday a fix that will prevent users from being logged out after that their computer went into sleep mode.

Do you experience more frequent disconnections? Can you spot a scenario leading to this?