Keep getting automatically logged out of forest admin losing all my context

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Expected behavior

In the past I could have multiple tabs of forest admin open, which I’d use while dealing with various tasks. This would be helpful if I get distracted and want to come back to dealing with something.

Actual behavior

Suddenly in the last 1-2 weeks, I keep on getting automatically logged out of Forest Admin across all tabs one or more times a day. It usually happens after my computer goes to sleep, or after opening up my laptop at the beginning of each work day.


Chrome 89.0.4389.90 on macOS v11.2.3

Hello @dig.

Thanks for your feedback. We are working on a fix on a bug that appears after the computer goes into sleep mode. We already released a partial fix that allow you to stay connected on Forest Admin, but displays a popup saying that you have been disconnected from the liana.

Is it your case, or are you logged out of Forest Admin completely?

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Sometimes I see the pop-up saying “disconnected” but after logging back in it just takes me to the default collection and I lose whatever context existed before being disconnected.

Ok, thanks for your feedback. We are working on a fix right now. I’ll keep you posted when it will be released.

@GuillaumeGautreau any update on this?
Suddenly over the last week, I’m also finding that when I log back in, its logging me in to a random Team instead of taking me back to the same team I was in before being logged out.

Hello @dig,

The first issue should have been solved right now. Did you noticed the same behavior?

Can you open a new thread for the second issue? I never heard of this problem, but I’m interested in getting more details about this problem.

On the first issue – I’m no longer seeing the pop-up saying “disconnected”, but rather I am completely logged out and redirected to where have to relogin with my google account.

On second issue – will do.

Can you spot a scenario that leads to you disconnection? I would like to reproduce this issue on my end.

@GuillaumeGautreau it currently happens every morning when I start working. I don’t think it occurs during the day but will keep an eye out for if it also occurs during the day

I have some questions to reproduce this issue:

  • which browser do you use?
  • can you describe how you re-access to Forest-Admin in the morning? Do you simply click on the already opened tab, or do you start up your computer, relaunch your browser etc?

@GuillaumeGautreau Chrome on Mac.
I simply click on the already opened tab (the browser is kept open and my computer simply put to sleep overnight)

Ok, I’ll try to reproduce this scenario on my end.

Ok, I could reproduce this issue. I’m working on a fix.

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Hello @dig,

We released a fix today, you’ll need to have the latest version of the frontend for it to be effective.

Could you please confirm that your issue has been fixed?

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