Restricting access to specific entries in a collections/tables, within the same team


In the setup of our company we have 2 teams with different access rights. One is allowed to only see particular collections, limited number, as they handle customer support cases and only need that info. Now, the context is that one of our biggest clients wants to handle customer support by themselves hence they do not want our customer support to have access to data related to their account. So, is it possible to somehow restrict access for our support team to not see their account?

The way this is organized is that the support team has access to say 3 collections, let’s name them: Users, Transactions, Customers. Our big client has data entries to all of these tables (they have users, that perform actions, and are part of their customer account) - can this be limited to not be visible for that particular team? I highly doubt it but I wanted to just ask you, in case you perhaps have some other potential suggestions to get around it.

Thank you!

Hi @Petru_Simion,

Of course you can restrict data access. Would Scope fit your needs ? Seeing what you are telling me it should :angel: