Saving Smart View Code in Repo

Is it possible to save the code to our local repo in the Views folder? Looking at older Forest examples like forest-live-demo-lumber/smart-views at master · ForestAdmin/forest-live-demo-lumber · GitHub, it should just work. I’ve tried both views and smart-views as folder names in my local dev, and it never gets found on my local Forest. Are these no longer supported? I don’t see any docs anywhere.

Hello @David_Panzarella,

Thanks for reaching out :raised_hands:

Well, it is not possible to store your smart view code in your repo yet.
But it might in the future!
So I am going to add your feedback to our Product requests so that it could be tackled later on.


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It would be a huge improvement if that was possible as we could save code revisions and work locally in our own editors.

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Sure @David_Panzarella!

Thanks for your feedback :raised_hands: