Smart Views not copying across environments

A custom Smart View is failing to be copied from our production environment.

Expected behavior

Given a remote production environment with a custom Smart View
And a development environment
When production environment is copied to development environment
Then the development environment has a functioning copy of the custom Smart View

Actual behavior

The Smart View does not work in development environment and errors in layout editor.

Failure Logs

When loading the smart view in Layout editor on the development environment, the URL for component.js is returning a 404 with message.

    <Message>The specified version does not exist.</Message>
    <Key>Fulfillment/Shipment Status/component.js</Key>

Hello @andrewferk and welcome to the Forest Admin community,

To help us checking the details, could you confirm:

  • that you copy from “Production” to “Dev - Andrew”
  • which collection has the issue
  • which smart view has the issue

Thank you

Hi, @Guillaume_Deslandes

Yes, I am copying from “Production” to “Dev - Andrew”; however, this issue appears in all environments that are not “Production”. The collection is “Fulfillments” and the Smart View is “Shipment Status”.

Thank you!

Hey @andrewferk :wave:

I’m able to reproduce, and I will open an issue on our end.
Just to be sure the issue I reproduced is similar to yours, could you send (In private), the component.js URL for both your production & your dev env?

Sorry for the inconvenience.