Selected period for smart time base chart

Expected behavior


I looking for a way to display smart time base chart base on period. I mean, i would like to select a period (last month/ 6m/ year) and display the good chart on dashboard. Is it possible ?

Actual behavior

I can retrieve my datas and display it with smart time base chart. Everything works well but i didn’t find anything for filter them

Hello @ldaubie,

For now we don’t have any filtering buttons on smart chart. However you could create one dashboard per use case you have in mind (1 for mont period / 1 for year etc…).

You could also try to use the API option as a data source to implement your own logic to retrieve your chart. (See below)

Let me know if it helps :slight_smile:

n.b: If it is really important to you, you should make a feature suggestion on another thread and we will push to our product team.

Thanks for the answer.
I have to check with my client if it’s okay for one dashboard per user case, if not i will make a feature suggestion :slight_smile:

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