Sending a Notification when there is an action to be approved

We have a few smart actions that require approval, is there a way to be able to send some sort of notification alerting them of this.

As right now we have to manually email them to let them know that an action needs to be approved. Seems like this should be something simple to add that many might also need

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Hi @Zero :wave: I’m afraid, normally we have an automatic mail system when you use smart action requires approval.
Can you check if theses mails are not considered as spam or something like that?
Can you share with us your project name and a smart action who require approval on your project, in order to see your configuration. :pray:

Sent you a private message

Sorry I made a mistake, after some investigations, unfortunately we don’t have email notifications on approval yet…
The only “notifications” is the red dot on the collaboration tab.
I sent your feedback to our team. :pray:

Thank you for your feedback.