Impossible to approve a smart action

Expected behavior

I expect the approval action run the smart action and delete the “waiting for approval” row from the list and create a row into the approval history.

Actual behavior

Nothing append (grey buttons) and an error pop into the console.

Failure Logs


Approval flow

  • Package Version: 0.0.1
  • Express Version: ~4.16.3
  • Sequelize Version: ^6.0.0
  • Database Dialect: postgres
  • Database Version:
  • Project Name:
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Hello @Charles_Talbot and welcome to our community!

This is, unfortunately, a known bug from our side. You can check this thread for more details

To sum up, you have two solutions.

  1. Migrate to the Roles feature by following this: Migrate to the new role system - Documentation .
  2. approve this action from the team where it was originally triggered

Let me know if I can do anything else to help you :slight_smile:

Hello @olesyak

I already migrate to the new roles feature but I’m not sure about " 1. approve this action from the team where it was originally triggered" - you mean I can’t use the approval flow across teams?

It’s confusing, my admin users have to switch to a low level team to be able to validate their actions?



Hello @Charles_Talbot,

Can you share with us the details about the HTTP request that has been sent to approve the smart action? I would like to know the URL, headers and the error (sent in the body, probably)

Could you also please share with us the name of your project, please? I need to check its configuration in our internal tools.


Hello @Charles_Talbot,

You should be able to approve the actions across teams without any issue now.
Could you try and tell me if everything works fine?

Thanks! :pray: