Server error on production environment for a specific team


I encounter a server error in production environment for a specific team: Assistance & Marketing

It doesn’t happened in my other environments so I’m not able to fix it by myself or understand the issue…

Failure Logs

There is the following javascript error in my console:


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

Here are my project setup in prod environment:

"database_type": "MongoDB",
"liana": "forest-express-mongoose",
"liana_version": "6.1.0",
"engine": "nodejs",
"engine_version": "10.19.0",
"framework": "other",
"framework_version": null,
"orm_version": "5.8.5"

Hi @Florian_Belliard,

We’ve spotted the issue and the fix is currently under review. I’ll let you know once it is live :pray:

Sorry for the inconvenience

The fix is deployed. Please refresh your browser just to make sure you are up to date with our latest version.

Validate my answer if that did fix your issue, or let me know otherwise :slight_smile: