/sessions-google 401 after upgrading to v8

Hi Forest team,

We are upgrading from 6.3.13 to v8. While the upgrades appeared to work fine on our Development environment, we had a recurring problem on our Staging environment (which somehow magically got resolved) and our Production (still ongoing).

The issue we see is a call to /sessions-google which fails with 401.

I suspect it’s because the Liana version in that environment is still at 6.3.13 and therefore the frontend behaves as if it should interact with that version. Nothing shows in our logfiles. We had the same problem with staging but mysteriously after many hours and attempts it resolved itself.

Can you help us?

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Hello @Antonio_Marino,

So you have the issue when you try to connect to ForestAdmin using Sign in with google ?

  • To summarise, Development environment v8 :white_check_mark:, Staging environment v8 kind of :ok:, Production environment v ?? :x:
  • Can you also share your project name ?

Not sure to understand, in which version your forest-express-sequelize is in production ?

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks in advance for your answer.

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In prod I am starting with v6, then deploying v8, I sign in into the dashboard and it fails with the login with Google (which is the only way available to me for logging in).
When I go in “project settings” I see that for environment “production” the version says 6 instead of 8 (forest has not updated despite my updated deployment, I guess because there was never a successful login)

Our project name is “Emma”

found the fix myself:

the .forestadmin-schema.json file wasn’t updated so in the end it had “liana:6.3.13” instead of the newer one

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Hey @Antonio_Marino

Awesome news. :clap:

Just for your information, the file .forestadmin-schema.json is automatically generated in development environment at each server startup.

In order to avoid errors in production, this file is not automatically generated in production environment. You need to use and deploy the file that you first validated in your development environment.

So there is a manual action here in your case to put the file from you dev environment to your prod environment, and commit it before deploying.

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