Setup dynamic default values is not working for smart actions in bulk type

When I create a smart action in bulk type, it seems I can’t add dynamic default values using values key. It’s working in single type. Do you confirm ?

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EDIT: This answer is wrong, I just checked and it’s not a bug. I keep it for history, still, see the answer below.

Hi @XavierColombel

I just tested on my end and I can confirm there is an issue. Default values actually work for single actions but not for bulk actions :thinking: .

:point_right: Thank you for spotting this bug :pray:, I opened an issue on our bug tracker. As a workaround, maybe you can use a single action (not sure it will fit your need though). We will notify you as soon as the issue has been fixed.

Oops. Reading the documentation again I just saw this information:

Values function is available for single type action only.

So I guess it’s normal :sweat_smile:

Thanks @rap2h.

Could you make it for bulk type ?

:+1: I’ve just sent your feedback to our product board.

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