Smart action description

Hey Forest,

Is there a way to add a description to a smart action itself(meaning not under a specific field), e.g. a body of text when you open up the form? As a growing team a lot of our new colleagues get confused on some of the more complex smart actions and it would be a great way to make smart actions more user friendly! I couldn’t find anything in the docs so if it doesn’t exist please consider this my feature request! :pray:

Thank you!

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Hello @Arda_Yurdakul,

Thanks a lot for your message :raised_hands:
This is very precious feedback.

Unfortunately, this smart action description does not exist yet.
I am opening a feature request for it!

Meanwhile, I guess we could think about some workarounds… For instance adding a first read-only field with a load hook that would describe the smart action :thinking:


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