Tooltip for Smart Action form fields for more details about field details

What is the feature?

Require tooltip or link text near Smart Action form fields to provide end user more details about field input required.

Please explain your feature request in detail here. Any screenshot or other visual support are also appreciated

  • Attached screenshot of the feature requested. It would be nice to get visual display using either tooltip or binding link to certain tutorial page with field label so detailed information about field input required and why this information is required.

What problem does this solve for you?

This will help in user training as user can hover/click on info icon and get detailed information about input request. If we can link field label with some user manual link also would work as user can open this page and follow steps mentioned in document. This can help us in avoiding user mistakes.

Who else would be using this feature?

End users directly updating client details or records.

Hey @Nilesh_Shirsat :wave:

As a workaround, have you tried to add a description to your smart action fields to provide end user more details about field input required?

collection('products', {
  actions: [{ 
    name: 'Edit prodct',
    type: 'single',
    fields: [{
      field: 'Name',
      type: 'String',
      isRequired: true
    }, {
      field: Store',
      type: 'String',
      isRequired: true
    }, {
      field: 'Categories',
      description: 'Please select a category to be displayed in breadcrumbs', // ADD A DESCRIPTION TO GUIDE USER
      type: 'String',
      isRequired: true

Hi @louis

Yes. We have used Description to provide more details. But it has limitation on content how much details can be displayed. Hence require tooltip or link functionality.


Ok make sense @Nilesh_Shirsat :+1: . I have forwarded your request to our product team. Thanks for the feedback!