Smart action operation timeout on Sequelize DB

Hey guys hope you’re doing great!

I have an issue when I’m using a smart action from my Forest and the error only exists on my remote environments, on my local one there is no problem, I got this error :

FOREST_ADMIN_BACKEND.1.jr6w6fr1mii1@IAS-PPR-APNS-03 | [POST /actions/traiter-la-demande-de-remboursement] : error : SequelizeConnectionAcquireTimeoutError: Operation timeout

It was working well till last thursday, we didn’t add code since then :confused:

Thanks a lot

  • “forest-express-sequelize”: “^7.0.0”

Hey @caid :wave:

Could you share the code associated to this smart action?
SequelizeConnectionAcquireTimeoutError returns me multiples results when searching online, so it’ll not be easy to locate any issue without it.

Here is a github issue that can contains useful informations to debug this.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @jeffladiray

We’ve found out!!!
It was on our side, from our servers.
Thanks a lot for your fast reply!!! It’s solved now :slight_smile:

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